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My Path To Authorship - GetValueInc
Biashara & Ujasilimia Mali



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Apr 22, 2021
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Your dream is possible, just believe it and build it to make it real

Every achieved dream have a path that has lead

it to reality. We can get to hear a lot of success

storiea but all that we want to know is the path

that made them possible.

So many people don't want to share their paths

because they think its to early to do so but to me

its different because I know my path will help so

many dreams not to give up. But if I would stay

quiet to wait my old last days to share it

probably some dreams would starve to death but

if I disclose it today I am sure many will be


May I take this chance to welcome you to share

this piece of information treasured in my

authorship journey so that you can learn what

will help you not to give up on your dream or will help you to encourage and help others not

to give up in their dreams.

God bless you.

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