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As the largest online digital information products retailer, GetValue harnesses the awesome power of the internet, our digital marketing partners combined with a variety of unique digital information products in order to reach Billions of customers around the world. GetValue works with products creators to translate their passions into products that helps, inspire and motivate customers while creating a life-changing experiences for their life. Putting customers first, GetValue works with product creators to ensure products are appropriate for GetValue to sell. We stand behind our products and strive to deliver supreme customer satisfaction by reviewing each product, promotional pitches and articles based on strict guidelines. Therefore with GetValue, It doesn’t matter if you are buying an eBook, an AudioBook, an Online Training course or a Program which are conventional or uncommon, trendy or unique – if you want it, it is on GetValue

With an exceptionally and uniquely designed platform, our mission is to be an International favourite destination for finding unlimited value for our customers, sellers and affiliate marketers worldwide. Our vision is to create an International most impactful digital commerce ecosystem that creates life-changing experiences for its buyers, sellers and affiliate marketers. It is the only online marketplace all over the world which enables customers to buy most impactful Online Digital Informational Products which ranges from advice for entrepreneurship, spirituality, dating advice, getting in shape to healthy cooking recipes. GetValue delivers digital life-changing products to customers from all types of sellers including, macro-businesses, micro-businesses, shopping websites, home-entrepreneurs (authors, bloggers, podcasters as well as YouTubers). This is why with GetValue anyone can start their own online business by writing an eBook, producing an AudioBook, creating an Online Training course or a Programs and selling it online. Our sellers can also create ads for their products on GetValue and receiving customer inquiries.

At GetValue, we are taking customers first which is why we are building stronger connections between buyers and sellers with product experiences that are exceptional, fast, mobile, and secure. At GetValue, each of our unique products are created by passionate entrepreneurs focused on improving the lives of our customers by inspiring, instructing, or coaching them for the better. This is why we are committed to sponsoring and featuring digital products that satisfy our customers. We do this by providing these entrepreneurs with the right tools and resources they need to continue creating, publishing and marketing their products in order to grow their businesses. In the end, with each click and every sale, our products improve the lives of customers around the world. So, next time you want to buy or sell any digital information Product, just click to Get Value #GetValue


I’m Gaston Ngailo, founder & CEO at GetValue I got my start in business couple years ago after my best mentor showed me how successful he was selling information products online.I can still remember everything that, since I hated to be an employee, just after my college life, I used to lock myself inside my bedroom, sleepless like a nightmare, struggling and trying to figure out how i can start my own business. It is until when I got an email from one of my top mentors who happen to be a successful entrepreneur in information product businesses offering one of his best online training programmes. When I finally finished taking my training, which I registered, I started to see patterns in most people’s lives that happen to be their unmated needs if not unsolved problems. I felt so powerful if I could solve their problems and help them get their unmated needs met. It was just me, my HP Pavilion laptop and internet connection that took my online businesses into reality. Since then I devoted my entire life helping people get the ability of having power and influence over others, get money and wealth if they want, attract people they want in their life. Also helping them avoid certain outcomes they don’t want in their life. That is failures, worries, frustrations, rejections and insignificance. As a founder of GetValue, I observed that the rapid growth of the Internet was creating an explosion of social media platforms, blogs and websites which results into digital content explosions. I recognized that, these explosions of blogs, websites and digital contents, would make it increasingly difficult for consumers to find the best products they needed and making even harder for passionate entrepreneurs to sell their most impactful products to their targeted customers. This is why at GetValue I intend to help;


  • Browse products to find unique digital informational life-changing products with just one click
  • Improve their lives by gaining advice on any topic of their own interests
  • Instantly access to wide range of digital informational products direct to your Smartphone, Palmtops or Laptops– no need to wait for shipping procedures.

Product Creators:
  • Translate their passions and expertise into products that sell themselves
  • Create wealth by Selling digital products and make money globally
  • Headache-free business support from affiliate marketers all over the world.

Affiliate Marketers:
  • Locate incredible and in-demand products to promote online
  • Select from a wide range of quality products
  • Through in-site or their off-site built tools, market and sell their selected products
  • Making money by getting paid on-time, every-time.

It happens to be my pleasure serving you too!


Through GetValue you can partner with Gaston Ngailo on delivering world-class value to improve other people lives worldwide. GetValue is always on the look-out for exciting customers, entrepreneurs, businesses to partner or work with. From early stage start-up to multi-million pound corporate, we offer a range of opportunities helping individuals and businesses of many sizes and stages. To see which opportunity is most suitable for you and your business, please follow the Links below.