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4 Types of People When They Get Money

4 Types Of People When They Get Money

It's hard to make money. Even the wealthiest people in the world know this. They don't become wealthy easily; they really worked hard to get money. So, if anybody tells you it's easy to make money, don't listen. 

There are so many ways people use to get money, but I encourage you to do whatever it takes to get money as long as it is legal.

So, why do people try so hard to get money? You will answer, '' to make a living.'' It's true, but is that the only reason to make money?

What are your goals when it comes to making money?

Today, I'll give you four types of people basing on money functionality, and you can decide where you fit in.

          Normal People Make Money to Spend.

These are people who have only one objective of making money; they work to get money only to spend it. What they see is now, the present, and this moment. Spending money for basic needs and wants is the major thing for them.

I have seen so many people who live like this. Some of them are my closest family members, but I can't mention them.

Some people live like this due to their low income, but that's not an excuse. Others have a good income but still live like this. It's a matter of choice, and they have already decided to be normal.


          Advanced People Make Money to Spend and to Save.

These people have two objectives in making money; once they get it, they spend some and save some for emergencies in the future. They don't only look now, but also later.

Saving money, whether in the bank or wherever, to make sure when tomorrow isn't good, money can solve the problem.

People who save to spend later are not different from normal people, but people who save to invest later are the brave ones. Let's look at them.

          Brave People Make Money to Spend, to Save and to Invest.

These people are brave since they have 3 objectives for making money; spending is for everyone; saving is for anyone who has a fear of tomorrow; fear of an emergency and reaching the goals.

Investing is for someone who uses income to generate income.

A brave person saves to invest, but not only to spend later.

          Wise People Make Money to Spend, to Save, to Invest, and to Donate.

Loving other people is a choice. That is why I'm calling these people wise.

A wise person knows that we are supposed to love one another, remembering others who are in difficulties, helping them through charities and other offerings just to make them happy, to see the beauty of the world, and to see the meaning of life. That is why not everyone can do it; only the wise.

Apart from religious issues, this is an act of humanity. To use money to donate to those who are in need.

So, we saw the four functions of money and also, four kinds of people once they get money.

You don't need to have a lot of money to be a wise person. Whatever your income is, discipline will help you stick to and work on the four functions of money.

Spending is necessary; that is why we are alive. Saving is necessary for funding our big goals and emergencies. Investing resulting from saving money for the goals we have. And remembering others by donating what you have.


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