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5 Titles That Surely Get Clicks on YouTube

5 Titles That Surely Get Clicks On YouTube

So, today I am going to talk to content creators, specifically YouTubers.

YouTube has made making money online so easy for individuals who perfectly know how to study other people’s interests.

A good content creator (YouTuber) not only wants to make money online, but also makes sure that the message is well delivered. To achieve all of this, the outside must be beautiful to attract people to get inside.

The outside of the content is the Title of the video.

Content (topics) is better, but context (titles) is the best because the outside manifests the inside.

The Title is the recipe, and the content is the food. Recipes make it possible for people to taste your food because you already told them what they would have.

So, let's see Titles that will help you get clicks on your YouTube channel.

          Problem-Solving Titles

(The How To…) Some people are dying looking for solutions. Many things trouble people, and all they need is a solution.

People enjoy being involved in issues that solve their challenges by learning new skills, discovering new ways to overcome difficulties and challenges by experimenting on their own.

Teaching them how to do things on their own will encourage them to engage with you. For example, a video titled, ‘’How to Say ‘’ No'’ in Different Ways" will attract a person who is struggling to say ‘’No’’ to other people.

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          Personal Experience Titles

(The How I….or How did Oprah…) People are more likely to react to things that have already worked for others.

As long as it worked for her/him, if I do the same, it will work out for me too.

Video creators who use titles from personal experience seem to attract clicks.

For example, a video titled "How I make a million dollars in a day’’ or "How Oprah Winfrey started her show’’ will attract a person who thinks it is impossible to make a million dollars in a day and a person who struggles to start his/her own show.

People take action through others' testimonies, especially from famous ones.

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          Data-Driven Titles

(The Most...) In other names, known as outcome-driven titles or fact-based titles.

With the smartphone, everyone is a news reporter regardless of the facts. Some content creators use fake titles to attract many people to watch their content.

People are dying seeking the truth, like who is right and who is wrong. What they need is facts, the truth.

With data, you add credibility to your videos for others to believe you and watch.

For example, a video titled "The most beautiful girl in the world" will assure many that she (that beautiful girl) has already been compared to others (data), and the results show that she is the most beautiful among them (outcome).

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          Revealing Titles

(The Secret of....) Who doesn't want to know things that give them a hard time finding out?

It's easy for someone to give you the bread and not to tell you where to get yours. They keep secrets.

When billionaires share stories about how they became billionaires, many people pay attention. Why? To get secrets.

Secrets to be successful, secrets to be a good wife, secrets to win others' hearts.

It's hard to get secrets because everyone tries to keep them, but, once they are ready to give them out, normally people pay attention.

For example, a video titled ‘’The Secrets of Getting a Perfect Partner’’ will attract many people who try so hard to get a perfect partner since it's hard for him/her to find.

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          Warning Titles

(Don’t start...) Who wants to be in danger? Who wants to have bad days? No one wants to face bad things.

We all wish to only face good things and have good days. That is why we try so much to make sure we don't face bad situations by excluding ourselves from doing things that will put us in danger.

People need advice to live better, to avoid risks.

For example, a video titled ‘’Don't start a business until you see this’’ will directly attract a person who wants to start a business to know what he/she should have to consider first for their success.

Watch Here


There are many kinds of titles that normally attract views, but most of them fall into the five categories explained above.

So, as a content creator, you have to keep this in mind. '' You have to attract many views not only to make money, but also to make sure your message is a success''. And that success occurs when the outside is catching people's attention.

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