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A Loyal Employee vs. A Loyal Entrepreneur

A Loyal Employee Vs. A Loyal Entrepreneur

While it is my only personal decision to no longer be a loyal employee to any employer ever again, I think it’s also the single best piece of career advice I can give anyone, regardless of your chosen field. For a quit sometime I even worked my way through college, after my dad declared that I was either going to be a business major or I was going to pay for school myself.  There were a few jobs so terrible that I quit them within days or hours ofng them but for the most part I enjoyed whatever I did and liked whoever my direct supervisor happened to be. Because of this, being a loyal employee was always easy for me until when I decided I was tired being a loyal employee and shifted the entire way I think of work and employment.  More than anything else – school, training, or job experience included – that decision has positively shaped my career for a quite some time now. That is why stopping being a loyal employee and becoming a loyal entrepreneur is the single best career advice I can give to anyone, and that includes you.

I still have a good news for you 

Now I don’t want to pretend that employments aren’t good whatsoever and so, if to you being an employee works for you and that you have forced yourself to continue reading this book even if I already said that, this book is not for you, I still have a good news for you.

You need to do the exact opposite

The good news is that, when I said I have stopped being a loyal employee I didn’t mean that, you start to think “me-first,” or “show-me-the-money then I can work for you” jerk type guy.  I didn’t mean you start stabbing your co-workers in the back either. On the other hand, even decide to put your own interests above the mission of whatever company employed you. In fact, you need to do the exact opposite.

You need to become the owner of yourself

What most people don’t know is that, it is very simple to be the owner of yourself. To be more precise, you need to change the way you are treating people in your organization. While I’m not telling you to start treating people disrespectful, you need to start treating people you had previously thought of as “your boss” as just respected partners; at work events you’d actually introduce them as “colleagues”. You might not be equal with everyone on the hierarchical chart, but the funny thing is that: once you start doing that most of people in your organization with start becoming interested in you. While the fact that not everyone will like you, you will begin being asked to get involved in planning meetings you’d never been welcome to prior.  You will start to notice that, most people who used to ignore you begin asking your opinion on new ideas, and sometimes even inviting you to partner with them to implement those ideas.

This isn’t about you against your employer

While I’m not only not teaching you to be a bad employee like me but also you should understand that, this isn’t about you against your employerOne thing for certain I will tell you is that, this is about you and only you, everything else is secondary. In addition, once you start to own yourself, knowing and recognizing if you are working in a bad organization becomes very easy. It is very easy because if those people of that organization you are working in, certainly will not like your approach as their employee, they will automatically let you know where you stand for in such organization’s terms.  Moreover, in my opinion, when this happens, you should ultimately consider that, it was a bad fit for both parties. You and your employer and that, you probably can’t be successful together.

It is an equal partnership 

What I have learned about employment is this: At its most fundamental level, it is an equal partnership.  The power we think our employers have over us (and too often, they think they have over us) is largely in our own minds as employees.  Employment is a trade of goods and services, like any other.  As such, it should be viewed as an equal partnership.  It is true that your employer can fire you – but it’s also true that you can quit.  There are times when your employer can afford to be without your services and you can’t afford to be without their paycheck. The reason why I said who you are is more important than what you do is because, there are also times when your employer can’t afford to be without your services, and you can afford to live without their paycheck. And I repeat again, there are times when your employer can’t afford to be without your services, and you can afford to live without their paycheck. This statement connotes to my core belief, the only difference is that, to me there is no “sometimes” word in that statement. It is simply that, under any circumstance, No employer can afford who I’m. Therefore, it is always like that. In short, simply put nobody a person, a corporate or an organization can afford me. If I work with an organization, it is because I have personally decided to do so and not because they can paywho I’m. And that is real what it means to own yourself.

If nothing else works, quit. However, do it intelligently 

So, if you still think you real like your job as an employee, my career advice for you is: be a full partner in whatever you do, and make sure you are paid in percentage form, not just as an employee with a steady check that increases on your employers will. When that is the business environment you are in, then it is safely to treat your organization’s mission as if it really means something to you; if it doesn’t mean anything to you, go find an organization whose mission does. That’s all, or if nothing else works, quit. However, do it intelligently.


***Don’t switch jobs; start your own business ***

My advice to everyone I meet is don’t switch jobs; start your own business. But first, to make sure you don’t revert back to being an employee you will have to know and understand how Power, Control, Leverage, Productivity, Money and Freedom can work against you when you are an employee. This is why the rest of this book will concentrate of me introducing you to these six concepts, what are they, why they are important, and most importantly how being an employee can make them work against you and probably sabotages your level of success in business and life in general.  It is my belief that, when you are fully aware of how these core concepts can work against you when you are an employee, then just like me, you might change your perspective and start your own business. And that is what this book is all about.



   If you real want to go into details of the entire book with me, 

click here: Why I Hate Being An Employee

Or Else;

Tell me, whether you are an employee or an entrepreneur, does power, control, leverage, productivity, money and freedom work to your advantages?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below, as I learn just as much from you as you do from me.

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