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How do people become Famous?

How Do People Become Famous?

Who doesn't want to be famous? Everybody wants to be famous, loudly or quietly. Everybody wants to motivate, inspire, and grab people's attention. Everybody craves popularity, even me.

There are levels when we measure popularity of somebody. Some people are famous in their clan, some are famous in their regions, some are famous in their country, some are famous in their continent, and some are famous worldwide, though it is possible to be famous worldwide if you are famous in your country.

Today, let's look on how people become famous.

          Some are famous due to their natural gifts.

Natural gifts are talents that someone is born with. You don't learn to acquire these talents; it happens naturally. These are the things that start from within, passions. You don't use energy to force it, it just happens even if you don't want it. Natural gifts are like singing, dancing, writing, acting, sports, and anything that you do without any skills or knowledge about it, though for you to do better, acquiring some skills and knowledge in that field will add value.

Most of the people around the world are known because of their natural gifts, such as Rihanna, Beyonce, Diamond Platnumz, Angelina Jolie, Cristiano Ronaldo, Shah Rukh Khan, and others. The souls of these people live even if their bodies won't because of what they have left behind. For example, Michael Jackson. People remember them for what they watch, listen to, or read. These things bring them to life in people's lives.

          Some are famous due to the nature of the work that they do.

These people are famous due to the work they do. Their field of specialization made them famous. These are not famous naturally, but their works introduce them to the world. For example, Martin Luther King, Jr. was a human rights fighter. He used his entire life to help and raise black Americans' awareness to know what they deserved and what they didn't.

So you can see, for someone to be famous for what they do, they really have to work hard to be seen. It doesn't happen naturally; you must force it to happen. Circumstances made people like the Kardashians, Reginald Mengi, Oprah Winfrey, Julius Nyerere, Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi, etc.. These people's souls live inside other people's souls.

          Some are famous because of famous people.

These people are famous because they hang around with famous people. We know them because we have seen them several times with famous people. Maybe they are blood related, maybe they are married, maybe they have some kind of relationship, and maybe they are their spokespersons. In my country, we call them lice. If they want to maintain their popularity, they must constantly associate with famous people; otherwise, they will lose.

These people use so much energy and power to make sure the relationship works and lasts longer since they directly and indirectly benefit from the relationship. Personally, I know Gauri Khan since she got married to Shah Rukh Khan, I know Esma Platnumz since she is blood related to Diamond Platnumz, I know Lori Harvey since she is the daughter of Steve Harvey and Michael Jordan’s girlfriend, etc.

          Some are famous for what they have.

These people work so hard to maintain what they have; if not, they disappear into people's mouths. Some kinds of people are famous for what they own; they have things like money, beauty, etc. Elon Musk and other world billionaires are famous because of their net worth. They have nothing special to be loved and appreciated, but they have something to inspire many people, which is money.

We try hard to get money, so seeing people who are making more money motivates us to get to know them better, from who they were to who they are, and this makes them famous. Money will make you popular if you either want it or don't want it, because people will search for you. So, to maintain your popularity here, you have to use your energy to make more money.

          Some are famous due to their charisma.

I have seen people who are loved and appreciated by many people without having done anything great. These are people who spiritually connect to other people and are loved automatically without doing them any favor or anything worthwhile.

These are blessed spiritually. People like this are loved for their charm, how they live with others, etc. These people use no energy or power to introduce themselves to people; wherever they go, whatever they meet, people fall in love with them and they become famous. It's hard to know them globally, continentally, nationally, or regionally. These people are usually well-known in their families, clans, schools, streets, and so on.

          Some are famous after being given a certain power.

We know these people for their titles, positions, and status. Most of them are political leaders. Before they gained power, we never knew these people, but after being given the power, we know them and sometimes wish to be like them. They really work hard to get those titles, and they use energy and power to protect their images and to maintain their status. People like this lose their popularity once they lose their titles and positions.

Which means? The answer to this question doesn't matter to most people; what they look forward to are the results. What things will they get after being famous. Popularity has both good and bad sides. On the good side, people will want to work with you, help you, support you, and trust you. On the bad side, you really have to fake it until you make it. For the protection of your image, you have to act and live differently from other people.

Once you chase popularity, make sure you chase money at the same time, because popularity with no money you will not be able to brand yourself. On the other hand, It is easy to make money the moment you are popular, which is why most people want to be famous.


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