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I Am Not A Bad Person, I Am A Bad Employee

I Am Not A Bad Person, I Am A Bad Employee

Most people hates me immediate after they have ready my book; Why I Hate Being An Employee when they you should understand that, in my writings inside the book I’m not trying to imply that if you are an employee, you’re some sort of a complete competent fool who is incapable of earning better treatment — I’m not. However, there are somethings going on here that would be worthy examining.

A brutally honest look at your life is key

Maybe you’ll decide you’re willing to deal with having a boss for eight hours a day and that your fulfillment will come from working on your personal projects on the side. On the other hand, maybe you’ll decide that you’ll forego a steady pay check, do odd jobs, and drastically lower your standard of living to fundraise your start-up. What I want to tell you is that, there are bunch of different combination of options to take and still make a lot of money, but all with their own consequences. The key is to take a brutally honest look at what’s important to you and what’s not, and what trade-offs you’re willing to live with, and understanding that, each choice means not choosing something else … whether it’s money, security, a boss, absolute autonomy, or something else entirely.

I am not a bad person, I am a bad employee

If you are a bad employee, it doesn’t mean that, you are a bad person. In fact, don’t be ashamed into believing there is something wrong with you. The main reason why I say that is because being a bad employee doesn’t necessarily mean you are a bad person and that, you may just be in the wrong place. You will know you are at the wrong place, if you work hard throughout the day, but at the end of the day you wonder if what you’ve done really made all that much of a difference. You work hard but don’t feel like you get the recognition that you deserve. You work tirelessly but it rarely feels like you accomplish much of anything. Or else, If your task list is endless and you often feel overwhelmed, in your life you will have to think of turning things around. And if that is you, I have good news because; the world is waiting for your unique contribution. Start today! For example; Self-publish a book, sell it on or else make better soaps and sell them to any marketplace that fits your product out there. Your customers are waiting your products.

This isn’t a get out of your day job ticket

There has never been a better time to get into the game of business but also, this isn’t a get out of your day job ticket. In fact, if you take on the freelance or entrepreneur route, be ready to work harder than you are used to. That is why if you are smart enough you’ll keep that crummy day job until the market begins to reward your uniqueness. And one day you will look back on this moment as just the moment you chose a path, you either gave up dreaming and became a good employee, or decided to go after what you want – a point of no return.

This isn’t right or wrong, it’s just the truth about me

We are all stuck right in the middle of a dying, antiquated work model and an economic revolution that is changing the world. The reason why I said “I am not a bad person, I am just a bad employee” is because; This isn’t right or wrong, it’s just the truth about me. I’m very bad at taking orders from anyone, much less, if I feel the person giving such orders is less capable than I am in a particular issue as Jim Rohm used to say, I’d rather “take advice, but not a direct order.” In my opinion, I would rather quit jobs that so many people would love to have, simply because of this. Moreover, if you continue asking me why, I don’t have a great argument for my stand either! I wish I could cite a study, research or even an antidote story to cure how I feel. All I can say is that, for me; being a bad employee isn’t right or wrong; it’s just the truth about me.

It results in promotion and a slow increasing salary

One of the reasons why I hate being an employee is that, I’m not a fan of positional ranks! In fact, I really don’t care how long you have stay in one job position before you can move to other high ranked job positions, nor have I ever judged a quality leader by the amount of time they have put into a project. If you think that the amount of time spent is a reflection of quality, you should walk out of my way because, what I know is that, the marketplace doesn’t reward time it rewards quality, effectiveness, efficiency and value. Most importantly, if you don’t know, staying in the same job position doing the same thing over and over almost never results in these traits. Rather, it results in a promotion and a slow increasing salary.


***Don’t switch jobs; start your own business ***

My advice to everyone I meet is don’t switch jobs; start your own business. But first, to make sure you don’t revert back to being an employee you will have to know and understand how Power, Control, Leverage, Productivity, Money and Freedom can work against you when you are an employee. This is why the rest of this book will concentrate of me introducing you to these six concepts, what are they, why they are important, and most importantly how being an employee can make them work against you and probably sabotages your level of success in business and life in general.  It is my belief that, when you are fully aware of how these core concepts can work against you when you are an employee, then just like me, you might change your perspective and start your own business. And that is what this book is all about.



   If you real want to go into details of the entire book with me,

click here: Why I Hate Being An Employee

Or Else;

Tell me, whether you are an employee or an entrepreneur, does power, control, leverage, productivity, money and freedom work to your advantages?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below, as I learn just as much from you as you do from me.

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