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Meditate on these questions to get Business Ideas

Meditate On These Questions To Get Business Ideas

Most people nowadays start businesses to survive, to have something in their stomach, to get rich, to be financially independent, and to also have freedom. Whether you believe it or not, these are the facts.

Money makes some people too lazy to find their natural gifts and passions, while others use their passions to generate money.

I am not an entrepreneur, though I want to be an entrepreneur some day. I don't want to be in a hurry to decide where I should invest because I know it's not that easy to make decisions like others do, and then they find themselves and their business in hell.

Most people who start businesses just to get rich end up giving up when they don't get rich. It's like marrying someone for their wealth and then when they go bankrupt (will you still be there?), but if you marry someone because you love them, you'll always be there regardless of the ups and downs.

Yes, it is allowed to start a business to get rich, but that should not be the primary reason. Business is beyond income. Business is beyond tangible things. It is also about intangible things. Business has to do with you spiritually, and that is supposed to be the first and primary reason—I'm talking about passions—natural gifts.

It is written somewhere that "What is seen perishes, but what is unseen endures." When your primary reason for starting a business is unseen (passions/heart desires), then your business will survive and grow every day.

You and I cannot just wake up and start a business; it takes time to start it, time to learn, and the most important thing is time to meditate-to listen to the inward you-what he/she wants to do.

Let's meditate on these questions to get business ideas;

          What activities bring you joy?

What makes you happy? What gives you satisfaction? What makes you up when you are down? What things do you do, and when you do them they give you happiness? 

For example, If you really enjoy diving, can you start a diving agency? Or maybe you really enjoy traveling. Why can't you start a traveling company and organize trips for many people?

Starting a business based on things that give you great happiness and fulfillment will help you endure the downs and lows and other struggles that will encounter your business because the driving force is in your blood, is unseen and intangible. You will enjoy and be happy during the journey.

I just read somewhere that Elon Musk started his first game at the age of 12 because he enjoyed playing games and he enjoyed learning about programming. From there, he started something that paved the way to where he is today.

What gives you happiness?

          What will you do for free?

Which unpaid job will you take? Which campaign will you join? Which movements will you volunteer for? What are the things that you will be able to do for free?

People get jobs for connections, but what about those who don't have connections? To get a job, someone has to trust you first that you are capable of doing his/her job. That’s why the word "volunteer" came into existence.

If you volunteer to do something just to be seen by people or to get paid one day, you will not last longer because the push factor is not from the inside. It is outside. If the inward man pushes you to volunteer, then you will win.

If you are willing to work as an unpaid presenter, then start your online media. Are you offering people some advice? Then start your consultation agency. What will you do for someone for free? Can you turn it into a profitable venture for yourself?

Lisa Nicholas started as a motivational speaker. She helped people for free by offering mentorship and encouragement posts until she started her business as a speaker, coach, and trainer, and today she gets clients based on those areas.

What will you volunteer?

          Where do you spend a lot of your time?

I love the way people say, it's not a matter of how busy they are, it's all about priority. The things or places that consume more of our time, we allow them because they are our priorities. I'm not the love couch, but if she/he doesn't give you time, then you are not the one.

We do a lot of things in a day, but usually there is one thing that we spend more time doing than the other. What is that? Is it gaming? Then, launch a PlayStation point. If it is on social media, then you can start Influencer Marketing.

My colleague loved to share her pictures online and she got many followers, many likes and comments because she was always online, she was active, she spent more time there than any other place and then,so she decided to promote products for other brands and eventually she started her own makeup brand.

She was fully committed there until she gets the results. Find where you spend your time most and turn it into a source of income. If you want more consultation about Influencer Marketing then contact this Marketing Agency.

So, what are the things that you don't fear wasting your time on?

          What things do you do effortlessly?

What is it so simple for you to do that others struggle to do it? What are some things that you can do and still have energy to do more and more?

We are all human, but I love that we are not alike. And we will always meet people who are doing their best (more than what we do).

I love the fact that God created us imperfect beings, unique and irreplaceable. Why? For dependence. He wants us to depend on each other. He wants us to engage and socialize. That is why a marketing company consists of graphics designers, photographers, copy writers, etc... just to work together. 

If you try hard to gain something, then that is not your place; that is not where you are supposed to be. If you struggle to deliver something on time, then you are in a wrong place.

Some of my friends find it hard to write captions for their posts, and they ask me, "Well, Suzy, I know you are a writer, so, help me with captions for my posts since I can't get words." I roll my eyes and say, "Like seriously?, It's your picture and you can't find the words to describe it? "And then I conclude, "I know you get hard because you can't find words and you can't find them because you are not a writer."

Writing is the thing that gives me happiness, the thing that I will do for free, the thing that consumes my time and the thing that I do effortlessly. That is why you are here today on my site reading this article. 

What things do you do effortlessly?

I leave you with this quotation: "If the primary goal of your business is to get money, you will be disappointed when you don't. However, if you start because it is your passion, you will find true success while enjoying the journey to it. "

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