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What is BRICS?New Money, New World.

What Is BRICS?New Money, New World.

BRICS stands for Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.It wa formed in 2010 with an addition of South Africa.BRICS is growing thus become threat to US.

They also claim 24% of global GDP. GDP or gross domestic product measures all the goods and services a country provides over a 12-month period. This coalition also holds 16% of the value of global trade.

As the BRICS countries become more strong, participating on monetary issues that influence food and oil supplies, different nations are paying heed. Argentina, for example, has shown an interest in joining the BRICS alliance, and it isn't the one to focus on. Iran has likewise shown an interest in joining this combination of nations, and China is available to a few really joining a 'BRICS In addition to's participation.

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