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Why It Is More Emotional Than Logical

Why It Is More Emotional Than Logical

The decision to moving from a traditional day job to being an entrepreneur is more of an emotional decision than a logical one. The reason why I say that is because; Passion is simply a strong and barely controllable emotion. What most people don’t know is that, passion is an intense emotion, a compelling enthusiasm or a desire, which points out to those strong feelings you have inside you for someone or something to want in life. In fact, if you are studying people with passion you will notice that, nearly every successful passionate person in history had deeper and vivid dreams when they went to sleep. In addition, you will notice that no matter what they did in life, they enjoyed it. With passion, they saw beauty in everything (abundance) and they never gave up on their goals and desires. All this is to say, a hard-working, creative, successful and goal-orientated human being is driven by passion. This is true because, passion allows you to express yourself with purpose and intention. And right now as I introduce you to the world I see, I want you to understand that, when a person is driven by passion and expresses his or her interests and shares that with the world, people automatically starts to respond to that person.

The good news vs. the bad news 

Many people ask me how to develop a better connection to their desires, passions, and major life interests. In addition, I know that a lot of people feel bored, checked out, and unclear about what goals to pursue. The good news is that, Passion lies within each and every one of us. The bad news is that, many of us abandon it. The problem with abandoning it and decide living life without passion is that, you abandon everything in your life. In my Business Intelligence Program, i share some of my favorite detailed tips to help you figure out what drives you. However, for now you just understand that, Passion determines whether you will lead a successful life or an unsuccessful life. Passion is the life force that drives you towards success. In other words, Passion simply create a burning desire in your core human spirit that drives each and every decisions and actions you take in your life.

Thoughts equals desire 

What most people don’t know is that; Thoughts equals desire. Therefore, “we desire what we think about the most” This is why when you awaken the passion and desires within you to starting your own business, then everything comes effortless and to a full balance, you experience the flow. The flow is the essence of achieving not only starting and growing your own business but also anything that you want to achieve in your life.

It doesn’t make it happen quickly, It makes it happen easily

The main reason why you will experience the flow once you have awaken your desires is that, success is not achieved quickly, and there are tens of thousands of things trying to distract you.  However, when you have a burning desire you enjoy every second of it. Starting, growing and building your business to the next level will be easy. You get up at six in the morning excited to start your day because you’re moving one step closer to your goal!. The whole process will be easy because;

  • Burning desire TRUMPS fear.
  • Burning desire TRUMPS boredom.
  • Burning desire TRUMPS pain.

Let me clarify, while burning desire doesn’t make it happen ‘quickly’, It makes it happen ‘easily’. This is why I always say Abandon passion and you abandon everything in your life.

A world your traditional job doesn’t provide

One of the reasons why I hate being an employee is that, a traditional job creates the world of scarcity around you and your life. In other words, it blinds you and leaves you with scarcity mentality. Soon than later, only what you can think is how I can reach my boss given targets. When you live in the world of scarcity, you are blinded by the boss who just said if you don’t meet your target this month I’m going to fire you. The reason why that is stressful is that, when you live in fear of losing something in life, you begin to lower your standards, and you tolerate a lot more bullshit, you blind yourself from seeing the world I see-the world of never-ending supply of business opportunities. The main reason why I introduce you to the world I see is simply that, it is the world of abundances. Moreover, in my point of view, living in the world I see is crucial if you want to be surrounded with more business opportunities with endless possibilities. A world your traditional job doesn’t provide.


***Don’t switch jobs; start your own business ***

My advice to everyone I meet is don’t switch jobs; start your own business. But first, to make sure you don’t revert back to being an employee you will have to know and understand how Power, Control, Leverage, Productivity, Money and Freedom can work against you when you are an employee. This is why the rest of this book will concentrate of me introducing you to these six concepts, what are they, why they are important, and most importantly how being an employee can make them work against you and probably sabotages your level of success in business and life in general.  It is my belief that, when you are fully aware of how these core concepts can work against you when you are an employee, then just like me, you might change your perspective and start your own business. And that is what this book is all about.



   If you real want to go into details of the entire book with me, 

click here: Why I Hate Being An Employee

Or Else;

Tell me, whether you are an employee or an entrepreneur, does power, control, leverage, productivity, money and freedom work to your advantages?

Please share your thoughts in the comments section below, as I learn just as much from you as you do from me.

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