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24 Hours Which Makes Us Different - GetValueInc
Biashara & Ujasilimia Mali



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Feb 04, 2021
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We all have the same 24 hours a day. What makes us different in terms of attempts, what makes us different in dealing with people, what makes us different in making more moves in our lives while others don't, what makes us different in the way we handle situations which come across our lives in a way that they could bring about positive impacts towards ourselves and the people around us. This book, answers more than the above questions. It's an inspirational book, a book which will open your thoughts towards self-realization on what's the purpose of your existence in this world. Grab your e-copy now, get to know, get to learn, What life offers you to do from the 24 Hours we are all granted equally by our Almighty father.

The book gives us daily dose in our routines & moves which makes different individuals to differ in terms of attempting variety of issues in life. It’s a very enjoyable book which will never make you tired of passing through it, since it touches the character of millions of people in this world and some coaching stuffs.  There are hundreds of lessons to learn from “24 HOURS WHICH MAKES US DIFFERENT”, which will guide you, in what you are going through for the life you have chosen to live. By reading this book, you’ll develop a progressive persistence upon yourself and infinite desire to go for anything you always wished to accomplish, from the reality being of a very challenging today’s world. It can be read by any gender, at different ages from children, youths to adults. I hope you’ll find it enlightening and share it with people who matter in your life. 

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