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Saying No It Means You Value Yourself - GetValueInc
Biashara & Ujasilimia Mali



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Sep 05, 2021
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Words are energy and there is magic in every word that is why I find it necessary to write this little book, concerning the power of the word NO, and how you can utilize it is magic so that you can bring an effect into your life, because not often time you need to say YES! But sometimes saying NO! To the negative people, situation and circumstance can help you to see beyond your wired box. This book is the right one for you

Yes and no! probably are oldest words humans have until now but the importance of these words are not weigh to the maximum, though in fact these two words if they can be used effectively in the right conversation will help someone maybe to change his or her life by answering right answer if its yes or no in the right moment.

Within this short book you are going to see the importance of the word no or yes and how these words can create barriers between you and negative people or between you and the manipulators ,whether they are your family members, friends, or any close intimacy siblings.

Manipulators are difficult to escape from especially when you say yes to their demands, you will make them happy enough but if you develop a spine and start saying NO! That’s where hurt and emotional blackmail starts. In this book you will notice that breaking someone‘s else dominance by saying NO! They will accuse you as being selfish because you have stopped doing what they want you to do for them. Can these people hear themselves? Here go on...

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