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Biashara & Ujasilimia Mali

SPEAK Like You Will Never SPEAK Again


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Sep 12, 2020
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A Comprehensive Workbook to Overcome Fear and Make you a Powerful Speaker

Public speaking made me nervous when I was in school. 

Getting up in front of class, I always lost my coolI memorized my speeches and really knew them well. 

But between my brain and lips, things just didn’t jell

Here are a few examples with embarrassing details“Saving whales,” I meant to say instead of “waving sails”And when one wants to talk about “battle ships and cruisers”

His audience will likely laugh at “cattle ships and bruisers”It shouldn’t be as hard as jumping a high hurdleTo say “hypodermic needle” not “hypodemic nurdle”

And certainly, one understands that a “well-oiled bicycle” Will last a whole lot longer than a “well-boiled icicle”

During school it seemed likely I’d been “wasting two terms”Still, a whole lot better that “tasting two worms”

So, compared to public speaking, writing is the “fun part”More dignified that expounding on the latest “pun fart”

-Alan Balter

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