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Dealing With Climate Crisis In Africa Strategies For Agriculture Insurance - GetValue
Biashara & Ujasilimia Mali

Dealing With Climate Crisis In Africa, Strategies For Agriculture Insurance

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Aug 18, 2022
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Anselmi Anselmi, winner for the Africa Best Insurance Book Award by the African Insurance Organization (AIO); He deep-dives into data analysis and insights of the most challenging topics in Insurance development in Africa today together with a guide into the book.


Strategies for Agriculture Insurance

Anselmi Anselmi is a Director of Consultancy & International Relations at the Africa College of Insurance and Social Protection. He is an avid Researcher, Consultant, Author & a Trainer for government and international organizations on planning, policy, regulation and strategy. He serves as the Country Inclusive insurance Coordinator in Africa (Government/ATI/FSDT). He is the MD for Acclavia Insurance Brokers & Risk Consultants, Lecturer at the Tanzania Public Service College. He serves in various taskforces within the insurance industry and outside geared at engineering growth of the financial sector and inclusive economy such as Chairperson Technical Committee of the Governing Council Tanzania Insurance Brokers Association, secretary to the Tax Reforms Committee of the Insurance Industry in Tanzania, Member of African Insurance Organization (AIO) Inclusive insurance Working Group and the Editorial Committee of AIO, and InsuResilience Global Partnership – Gender working group. He is Associate of the Chartered Institute of Securities & Investments (CISI) of London and Toronto Centre of Canada. He has authored various books in insurance management & leadership. His experience in agriculture insurance for both conventional and social perspective is comprehensive. As a lecturer and consultant, he has prepared curricula on the subject and other insurance subjects, conducted various researches and presented papers, wrote a book “Basics of Microinsurance”, provide professional advice to various stakeholders and feature in TV programs creating public awareness on the subject. He has led technical teams in establishing national agriculture and livestock scheme in Tanzania and Insurance Linked Securities (ILS) solution.

About this book

Dealing with Climate Crisis in Africa: Strategies for Agriculture Insurance is a book which provides an ABC-style reference for one of the most challenging topics in insurance development in Africa today – Climate Change, Agriculture Insurance and Sustainable Insurance. The Continent is burning – the cover picture says, but insurance industry is the hope to cool down the heat for the farmers. This book provides a practical guide to insurance practitioners and learners who wish to understand the subject of agriculture insurance in the context of climate change. Anchored on a need for innovation, the author takes the readers through concepts of agriculture insurance starting with an inventive solution to the underwriting capacity challenge – ILS. The book demonstrates the condition of insurance in the world and in Africa, lay out the risk landscape of the farmer and risk management practices opted at the farm. The emergence and development of agriculture insurance is addressed in detail, followed by various agriculture insurance products. Key operations in agriculture insurance by products have been captured, including underwriting, claims management and reinsurance. Reaching the farmer is among the corner stoner constraints for supply of agriculture insurance; the book addresses the challenge of distribution in agriculture insurance by detailing contemporary distribution channels and considerations for alternative distribution channels. The role of government as the ultimate risk manager cum reinsurer is explained with various institutional structures available for successful agriculture insurance. Strategies for success in implementing agriculture insurance projects and schemes are presented in a simple to understand style touching on the dimension of women and youths. The final part of the book closes with the climate and sustainability challenge to the insurance industry which can be solved by adoption and subscription to the principles of sustainable insurance so as to contribute to the SDGs 2030 agenda. Robust rapid research was conducted to gather stories and case studies worth being recorded. Readers with a passion to understand agriculture insurance will find this authorship very useful.

All feedback and comments with intent to improve the quality of the book are highly valued. 

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