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Biashara & Ujasilimia Mali


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Sep 10, 2021
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You are encouraged to continue with the struggles; no matter the circumstances you face!

The book entitled THIS IS ME tells a real life story of a Strong African Disabled Lady who has gone through fire and she stills holds on to her dreams.

As RIGHTLY described from the foreword point of fact that 'As humans, we are naturally selfish. As physically fit humans, we forget about the disabled world. Meeting Rosemary has been a wakeup call for me to know what it feels to be physically disabled. I have learnt to put away pride because I can walk and run and jump. I have learnt to think of someone who has been seated in a wheel chair for over 20 years. This book has taught me to give a chance to a disabled person because they can still use their brains to think and create solutions..... 

THIS IS ME is a book that can confidently be recommend to everyone; not only the disabled individuals. Rosemary has used her story and challenges as a sacrifice to help other disabled persons. She is ready to lift up others despite her disability. She has gone through many situations of stigmatization but that does not stop her from forgiving. I have learnt a lot along the way. As you read this book, may it open your eyes; may it open your heart and unleash the highest levels of empathy for the disabled.

Reading this book will help you understand the truth behind the curtains of the disabled world especially in Tanzania and Africa. It will help you get rid of stigmatization towards people with special needs; disability is not inability.  Reading this book will make you understand that most disabled people do not want to be pitied; they just want to be loved and given the opportunities available.

This book has a lot pf lessons to learn and is indeed worth to be read by every single individual with much emphasis to  parents and the guardians, the law makers, employees, employers and spiritual guiders because it does not just point out challenges but also provides some solutions to each challenge observed.   

THIS IS ME is the ©First edition printed in the United Republic of Tanzania in December 2020 with ISBN: 978-9976-88-652-8.

Getting your own copy is as simple as clicking on the 'buy' button to read a full story about this Strong African Disabled Lady whose story represents other lives of people in our respective families and communities.

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