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12 Easy Steps To Awesome Copy - GetValue
Biashara & Ujasilimia Mali

12 Easy Steps To Awesome Copy

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Mar 11, 2022
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The ONLY eBook you Need to Make MORE CASH this Year.....GUARANTEED

This eBook opens the world for you in the following ways…….

  • How you can remove Buyer’s Resistance of any kind (without sweating)
  • How emotion controls motivation, and How you can use it at your advantage
  • The easiest steps to follow in creating a successful sales message (No fail record till Now)
  • The 3 headline generating templates that are proven to grab customer’s interest
  • A few tips to help you sharpen your message up even more, et cetera

And if you Download it NOW, you receive the following BONUS with it instantly

BONUS eBook – Basic Copywriting in Plain English

This eBook covers the following….

  • 13 Best steps to follow in writing a persuasive sales copy
  • Simple places to discover what your market wants
  • How to craft your bullet points for effective selling
  • How to come up with HEADLINES that make SALES…. Guaranteed!
  • What to use if you lack Credibility
  • Easy tips for getting Testimonials (even if you don’t have any), plus How you can craft them professionally
  • The New way of overcoming the 5 main objections
  • Powerful words to always use in your copy
  • The power of photos
  • 76 opening lines, et cetera

And GOOD NEWS is that, you enjoy this eBook + Bonus for JUST $4.99 instead of $100 (within 24-hours)


IF YOU MISS THE RESULTS, You remain with All the eBooks + 100% Refund (1 full year Money Back Guaranteed!) – It’ll Be our own loss.


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  • Remember, THIS’S A 24-HOURS OFFER (not a lifetime offer). You better Act Now or You miss forever the 4 eBooks + Bonus + Your promised Future!

Look at some of the Feedbacks from people like you whose lives changed when they took immediate action ……

“This year, I make more from copywriting that I do from my full-time teaching job” – Gerard Dawson

“I booked $1,200 of clients by copying your exact template” – Ben Hucker

“Signed a Huge client last week” – Nate Shivar, shiva web consulting

“Completely changed the way I write, present, and communicate” – Bruno Souza, Code4Life

“Made $400 from copy and landed a HUUUUUUGEE Brand” –\\\\\\\\r\\\\\\\\nShivan Chhuneja

“Over $27K sales in just 5 days” – Neil Anderson,

“Now I’m a full-time copywriter” – Suzy, Grow write creative

“I just got my first High Paying Client” – Tim Branch


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